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vertical indoor garden design

4 Interior Home Garden Ideas and Tips

The presence of indoor gardens is not a difficult dream to be realized. Just stay fit with residential interior design and taste. In your mind, would have imagined innercourt the desired design. Now, before designing the garden in a room together landscapper, there are some aspects that should not be …

stylish asian home interior design

Inspirational Chinese Style Interior Design

Actually there is tremendous talent in the Chinese interior design. Most of the jobs they tend to go unnoticed in the English section of many websites. Here are some interior design work that has been of a design firm there called DYEast Design Consultants, they seem too good. Look at …

fengshui interior design

Comfort Houses Of Fengshui and Interior Collaboration

According to The Steven Eric Blue, drafter Hokiplus Solutions For Life, so far between Fengshui and Interior Design is considered collide. “Fengshui practitioners have their own arguments as well as the interior design. Many of the people in charge of feng shui rigid impressed with the science of calculation, while …

savana crocodile skin tiles color by petracer

Colored Tiles Crocodile Skin by Petracer

The bathroom could have become exotic and unexpected places in the house, with these tiles in crocodile skin color! Savannah Collection, by Petracer Italian company, splashes to the style in your bathtub with a wild design, featuring a crocodile-skin pattern looks authentic and textured. (Savannah Collection also offers a variety …